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Alternative Christmas Gift Market      

Welcome, Shopper!

You are cordially invited to the Alternative Christmas Gift Market on Dec. 10. Yummy homemade soups will also be offered, and you will be able to "set a spell" in addition to shopping.
Thank you for taking the time to browse the organizations which CCPC has chosen to benefit from our donations. Please check out the organizations you can help. Each has a link to its website, for more information. You can make a donation in the name of a loved one, and get a card and insert explaining your gift in their name. On Christmas, your loved ones will feel rewarded by knowing that your gift to them is helping others.  

If you are at home on your laptop or other device, read the instructions below, and click on the
Checkout Sheet form to download a copy. Fill it out and save it, to share with us. The church treasurer MUST have a copy, no matter how you pay, to know how to distribute all contributions that are collected. 
Thank you for considering these valuable causes.  We are happy we can offer this way to help local organizations!

    Kris Ross,
 Julia Monroe, Marjorie Tanner and Rachel Oben, coordinators
    Marty Sippel and Bill Radden-LeSage, Tech Help

Organization Website

CCPC Mission Housing Projects

Dick Arnold
Photography & Notecards

Individually priced.
Proceeds to CCPC.

Instructions and Checkout Sheet

I. Click to download
the Checkout Sheet
Checkout Sheet
( Click for Fillable PDF) 
II. Guide to Checkout Sheet
  1. Click above for the Checkout Sheet. 
    • Download to your device.
    • Boxes in downloaded version can be filled in online, then (saved and) printed.  
    • Or, simply print the form and mark your choices by hand.
  2. Only one amount per organization.
    • You decide what 'gifts' your loved ones are receiving..
    • For each organization you support, you designate how much you want to give.
    • Be sure you save a copy, and print one for Kris/Finance..
    • Now you pay, see below: By check or online 
    III. Check Payment
    1. Write a check to: CCPC
      • Memo: Christmas Gift Market
    2. Get it and the Checkout sheet to the church:
      • Mail or leave in office,
      • OR leave in the box-for-mail just outside CCPC's front door, Tues-Friday; not Monday, please.
    IV. Online Payment
    1. Go to CCPC's DONATE portal, where there will be a separate box for the Alternative Christmas Gift Market.
      • Find the box, enter your total dollar amount and make your payment.
    2. Your Checkout sheet!
      • Put your sheet in the Finance Box in the Office
      • or mail it to CCPC, with Attn: Finance.
      • Keep one for your records, too.


    Any website or computer questions?
    Please contact Marty Sippel (marty.sippel "at"