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Local Missions


2022 Mission Drives


October Missions

CCPC will have two Mission Drives during the month of October.

  • The first is collecting things for Warm Nights from their wish list.
  • The second is the Scrip Cards to benefit Youth Ministry, but only available in October in the Atrium.
    • These cards can be purchased for the Warm Nights wish list, for Salvation Army Christmas Angels gift cards, and/or for personal gift cards for family members. 
      • The Warm Nights gift cards are: Walmart, Target, Amazon, Giant, Safeway and Shoppers. 
      • Salvation Army Christmas Angels
        • Many Angels, to be adopted by CCPC members will receive toys and clothes.
        • CCPC has also signed up for some Angels which will receive gift cards
        • Gift cards for these Angels are: Target, Walmart and Amazon.
      • Gift cards for personal use are great to give as Christmas gifts, or for personal use during the year (Home Depot, Lowes, etc.)
    • Gift cards will be "delivered" in November.
  • Remember: We will only be selling the Scrip cards during the month of October in the atrium.


November Mission

November is Salvation Army Christmas Angel month!
Gifts must be at the Salvation Army Warehouse by December 3!

  • This year, each Angel's gifts are separated into toys and clothes.
    • You can choose to shop just for clothes, just for toys, or to shop for both!
  • Another option (see above, but only in October) you can purchase gift cards for Angels not adopted.
  • You can choose
    • to do contactless, direct shipping (as last year), or
    • only on November 20 (between 9:30 and 11:30) to bring your gifts to the church to be delivered to the Salvation Army.  
  • REMEMBER: All gifts must be at the Salvation Army Warehouse by December 3.
  • From November 7 through December 20, you can sign up on their website to volunteer at the warehouse in Hyattsville helping to sort all the gifts. 


December Mission

In December, come shop at the Alternative Christmas Market and support local and international missions.

Past Mission Efforts - Closing "Reports"


To wrap up mission efforts for Help to Ukraine and help for the local Afghan family

Help to Ukraine

In addition to the medical supplies, we collected $1047 toward the purchase of four ambulances.   

Afghan Help
We collected over $1900 for the Afghan family who has immigrated to Bowie.

Extra Help
In addition to our monthly mission focuses, CCPC also provided support for a family that was temporarily homeless.