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DEI Legislative Actions

by CCPC on April 3, 2022



Action Alerts
  • The DEI council urges you to contact your federal and state representatives to support the following bills by phone, email, or postal service
  • Martha Wright Prison Phone Justice Act - HB6389 – this is a federal bill aimed at eliminating price-gouging on the cost of calls from inmates
  • Maryland bill for fair Correctional Services - HB0102 – aims to pay prisoners in Maryland a fair wage, eliminating the conflict of interest of life sentences for slave labor
    • Sample letter to your Delegate - Word (editable) - PDF 
  • John Lewis Voter Rights Advancement Act - SB4266 – aims to increase rather than reduce access to voting for minorities, students, and the elderly
    • Sample letter to your Senator - Word (editable) - PDF

Letter-Writing Day: February 13, 2022

Join us after morning services on February 13 to sign pre-printed letters to your representatives in support of these measures. The DEI team will address and stamp your envelopes and get them in the mail.


Resources to help:
Martha Wright Prison Phone Justice Act - HB6389
Maryland bill for fair Correctional Services - HB0102
John Lewis Voter Rights Advancement Act - SB4266

Senator Ben Cardin on the Lewis Voter Rights Act
Maryland Matters article on prison reform
Maryland Correctional Enterprises - MCE
Names and Contact Information
Your representative: US House of Representatives
Your US Senator
Maryland House of Delegates
Maryland Senators
DEI Council's Past Campaigns
Campaign for Fair Youth Sentencing 
Bill passed - Maryland now bans juvenile life sentences without parole
cfys.org for current national information