Adult Education - Fall 2018

At CCPC, we are a community of thinkers and seekers where Biblical sources are used to frame and address issues of contemporary life.

For the 2018-2019 year, the Adult Education committee strives to offer a diverse menu of classes that include scriptural study, theological inquiry, and historical/cultural offerings, as well, in order to encourage and nurture our church members’ faith formation.

Classes will be held in both the Adult Education Conference Room and in Dodds Hall. Please see class postings for specific date, teacher, and location information.

The current Adult Education committee members are: Jen Woods, Ann Fleming, Bill Radden-LeSage and Jim Bridger. Please see any committee member if you have ideas for classes or if you want to offer any constructive feedback.

Here are the classes we have planned for September and October, 2018!

Sept 2-Introduction to Adult Education Offerings for 2018-2019. Information provided by Jen Woods and Ann Fleming. Location: Dodds Hall.

Sept 9, 16, 23-Inaccuracies, Contradictions, and Fallacies: How to approach difficult passages in Scripture/3-week series. CCPC members share meaningful insights into “difficult to reconcile” passages in Scripture. Teachers: Dick Neff, Mary Brock, and Gary Cox. Location: Adult Education Conference Room.

Sept 30-God and Art/1-week class. Discuss some of the most affecting, majestic and breathtaking works of art ever made. Yet beneath great works of religious art often lie conflict, intrigue and divine mysteries. Video Clips and Discussion led by Jen Woods. Location: Adult Education Conference Room.

Oct 7, 14, 21, 28-God in Film/4-week series. Explore changing portrayals of God and Christianity in feature films from the 1950s to the present. Teachers: Justin Devine and Bill Radden-LeSage. Location: Dodds Hall.