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Recordings Made in 2022
Sessions held both in-person and by Zoom


    January - November 2022
    November 2022
Nov. 13 Mary Brock Building Congregational Vitality
    October 2022
Oct. 16 Kris Ross Supporting LGBTWQIA+ Christians, Part I
Oct. 2 Mary Brock Little Known Background to the Gospel of John
    September 2022
Sept 25 Priscilla Bouic Personal Experience in Native American Schools
Sept 18 Pastor Caroline Wilson Gap Pastor Q&A
Sept 11 Shani McIlwain Like Esther, What Happens When We Break Our Silence and Take Risks for Good?
    Bold Missions for Christ
June 12 Jeremy and Luta
Missionaries in Malawi
    May 2022 - Artful Inspirations
May 22 Guest Speakers 12-Step Recovery and Christianity
May 15 Amy Littlefield Religion in Art
May 8 Priscilla Bouic &
Sharon Mabe
Knitting (Priscilla B.) and Glasswork (Sharon M.)
May 1 Karen Todd &
Pat Ashby
    April 2022
April 24 Rev. Emilee Williams Living into Our Resurrection: Hope in the Ordinariness of Daily Life
April 10 Pastor Susan Graceson God at Work in the Church Basement: Dealing with Addiction
April 3 Sue Evans Seeking God and Finding Thin Places
    March 2022
March 27 Karin Rice Earthly Stewards (What God Calls for Us to Do for our Planet) (pdf)
March 20 Pastor Susan Graceson Digging Deeper into Lent
March 13 Quinn Bacon NCP Young Adult Volunteer
March 6 Mary Brock Where Do We Go From Here? (Now that we have it)
    February 2022
Feb. 27 Pastor Susan Graceson Presbyterian Confessions II
Feb. 20 Pastor Susan Graceson Presbyterian Confessions I  and Zoom Chat file (links to books)
Feb. 13 Ann Fleming Microagressions in Ministry
Feb. 2 Paper Tigers Henry Brinton Book Preview: "Windows of the Heavens"
    January 2022
Jan. 30 Sara Huey Welcoming All, including the LGBTQIA+ Community
Jan. 2 Henry Brinton
 ....a CCPC 'alum'
The Bible's Greatest Hits