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Pastoral Nominating Committee (PNC)


The Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) was elected by the congregation on Dec 9, 2021 and began work in early 2022. The members meet weekly. They are excited about the prospect of calling a new pastor and look forward to the day when thy can introduce our new pastor to you.


That day has come! On November 27, the congregation enthusiastically
confirmed Dr. Kori Philips McMurtry as our new pastor!


An open letter from the Pastoral Nominating Committee, dated November 3, 2022:

Dear CCPC Congregation,

After much work and prayer, we members of the Pastor Nominating Committee are very excited for you to meet the candidate we are recommending as our new pastor. On November 27, she will preach at our regular Sunday service. Immediately after that service there will be a Congregational Meeting to accept the candidate and the proposed Terms of Call.

Initially, the PNC had planned to provide you with information about the candidate a week before the congregational meeting. However, during discussions with Presbytery, they have strongly advised us against providing the name and biographical information in advance of her sermon. In a world where we are more connected than ever and information flows at the touch of a button, Presbytery has found that providing information about the candidate ahead of time could easily result in people at the pastor’s current church learning that she is leaving before she herself could have time to inform them.  Therefore, it seems only proper that we hold off on providing you with additional information about the candidate until the Sunday that she preaches. You already know that she is credentialed with a Doctor of Ministry and has a family.

Along the same line, we respectfully ask each of you to give the candidate a couple of days after November 27 to share the news with her current church about her departure, before reaching out to anyone you may know there. 

It is a difficult act to balance the competing needs of the candidate pastor’s current and future congregations. We want to give the members of her congregation the space to learn the news from her.  Then we can eagerly look forward to her joining us early next year.


Serving you, we remain your dedicated appointed committee: 

  • Dr. Gladys Tataw-Ayuketah
  • Brian Cable
  • Sara Huey
  • Dr. Kevin Maxwell
  • Jane Mellow
  • Skip Oates
  • Mark Pfarrer
  • Emelie Rubin

Official Documents

  • PNC Final Report - 11/27/2022
  • Position Announcement
  • Ministry Information Form