Christian CommunityPresbyterian Church
Farewell, Pastor Caroline Wilson

We are sad to say good-bye, Pastor Caroline, but wish you well.  We thank you for your kindess, your wisdom, your laughter, your stories, but mostly for taking such good and loving care of us for the past six months!


Pastor Caroine's Earlier Introductory "Hello"


“Hello,” From Your Gap Pastor

I would like to write a few lines to introduce myself and let you know how happy I am to be with you as your gap pastor. A gap pastor, “fills the gap” between the end of the interim period and the start date of your new called pastor. So, although I will be with you for a short time, I hope that we will get to know each other and have some fun and meaningful times as we walk together on our journey of faith.

You will quickly find out that I love to laugh and enjoy wit and humor. Life is just too short and, at times, too hard to not to have a sense of humor. Also, I’m a “people person”, so feel free to plop down on the sofa in the Pastor’s Office and chat. You will find me on campus on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 10 -2 at minimum. I might be in a meeting or having a coffee with someone, so it’s best to text me or call first, so that I can be sure to be available.

My husband and I are both PCUSA teaching elders and we are both currently enjoying serving churches as transitional pastors. I’ve been serving the church as a teaching elder for 30 years in some of the largest churches in the PCUSA and some of the smallest. Our family has lived in PA, OH, FL and now MD, and I’ve served churches that are mostly retired folks and churches where I led out of state youth mission trips of 50+ kids. I have served churches that are diverse in race, country of origin and political perspective as well as more homogenous congregations. And now, I look forward to serving with you at Christian Community Presbyterian Church.

If you need to reach me you can (call or text or email me.) I am always available for emergencies without question, but please respect a 9 am-9 pm and Sun-Thurs regular work schedule. Office hours: Tues and Wed. 10-2.

May our time together be blessed and fruitful … and may God bless us with a little fun and joy.

See you on Sunday (or some non-Sunday!),

     Pastor Caroline