2020 Update
In 2020, Christmas Families will be run differently, with CCPC members donating to help build back the fund of reserves for future Christmas Families projects, post-pandemic.  
The Christmas Families project is in need of a Coordinator (or co-Coordinators) for 2021. Please consider helping local needy families by volunteering.

Each year, CCPC shares the abundance that God has provided us with our neighbors during the Christmas season. Local families in need are identified by school counselors and the Bowie Food Pantry.

Volunteers from the congregation organize the information about each family on individual tags for selection by CCPC members who then buy gifts and clothes for the child chosen. Families also receive bags of groceries depending on the size of their family.

Through this local mission, generous CCPC members have provided Christmas for many children in our community.

Christmas Families Coordinator - Position OPEN!Mikaela D. unable to continue from Oregon.....