Good White Racist Discussion

Session Recordings
2/21/21: Session One 
Chapters 1-2
2/28/21: Session Two 
Chapters 3-4
3/14/21: Not recorded
3/21/21: Session Four 
Chapters 7-8
(with Kerry Connelly, author)
3/28/21: Session Five 
Chapters 9-11
Living Matthew 25
Book Group

Why Matthew 25

We’ve decided as a church to become a Matthew 25 church. Matthew’s chapter 25 is not a lengthy chapter, but it’s packed with Christ’s teachings. His lesson about the final judgment is what will drive our Matthew 25 book discussions. It is the parable about the final judgment being like a shepherd who is separating his herd, with goats on one side and sheep on the other. This is where Jesus tells us that the final judgment will depend on whether we have fed the hungry, given drink to the thirsty, taken care of the stranger, clothed the naked, taken care of the sick and visited the imprisoned. He teaches us that whatever we do for the least of the Father’s we do for the Father. He also says whatever we don’t do to the least of His children, we don’t do to Him. The outcome is that those who did take care of the least will be with the Father and those who did not will be with the devil.

We at CCPC do many things to help those in need and less fortunate. We have worked to live that part of Jesus’ lesson. The harder part is what we don’t do, and what we don’t realize we are doing. None of us would ever deliberately do or say things that would hurt others. But is it possible that we have hurt others without knowing it?

Why Now?

During lent, which is a time to reflect on how we are doing as followers of Jesus and his teachings, The Race and Diversity Committee wants to have a book club discussion looking at how we can better follow the lessons in Matthew 25. Our first book is addressing things we may say or do, or we have said or done, that inadvertently hurt others. The title is “Good White Racist? Confronting your Role in Racial Injustice” by Kerry Connelly. It has been suggested as a study book by PCUSA. It has a study guide with questions for each section that guide us through a reflective review and then a “what to do next” section. We are hoping to have the author stop in for one of our meetings and join us.

About the book

In Good White Racist?, Kerry Connelly exposes the ways white people participate in, benefit from, and unknowingly perpetuate racism—despite their best “good person” intentions. Good White Racist? unpacks the systems that maintain the status quo, keep white people comfortable and complicit, and perpetuate racism in the United States and elsewhere. Combining scholarly research with her straight forward personality, Connelly shows us that even though it may not be our fault or choice to participate in a racist system, we all do, and it’s our responsibility to do something about it. 

How will it work?

  • We’ll meet on Zoom; Sundays at 4PM, Feb. 21 to March 28 (Palm Sunday)
    • We will read two chapters a week.
    • No meeting on March 7, due to the Concert Series Performance.
    • With no meeting, March 7, we will do three chapters on 3/28.
  • Each chapter has questions for self-reflection and what to do next
    • We’ll apply them to ourselves and our church
  • Steve Donoian and Kris Ross will be facilitators
  • Kerry Connelly, the author of Good White Racist, will be with us on March 21 (ch. 7 & 8)

How to join

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