Board of Deacons

The goal of the Board of Deacons is to provide support and care when the congregation is in need, sick, feeling friendless, in distress, or grieving life’s hardships. They also celebrate life’s joys and successes. They also assume other duties such as serving as liturgist and serving the Lord’s Supper.

Deacons meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month with the purpose of sharing congregational needs and learning about events in the CCPC and the community.  Each member and friend of CCPC is assigned to a deacon who maintains contact with the individuals in his or her cluster. The cluster list is updated continuously to include new members and long-term visitors.

The deacons coordinate the prayer shawl ministry, which distributes prayer shawls or lap rugs to those in need of comfort and support. Members and friends of CCPC knit and crochet beautiful, soft shawls and lap rugs that deacons pray over before delivering to individuals in their clusters. People who have received prayer shawls/lap rugs have expressed their appreciation for how meaningful this ministry is to them.

Our Deacons

Class of 2021
  • Scott Brock (Finance)
  • Shirley Cooke, Moderator (Outreach and Parish Life)
  • Sue Evans, Secretary (Worship, Adult Ed, and Mission/Social Justice)
  • Betsy McArdle
  • Becky Pfarrer
Class of 2022
  • Steve Mather
  • Dan MacMillan
  • Caitlyn Sell
  • Mildred Webb
 Class of 2023
  • Carrie Ahearn (Children's Ministry)
  • Gladys Ayuketah
  • Erica Burrell
  • Olivia MacMillan (Outreach & Parish Life)
  • Bill Radden-Lesage (Buildings & Grounds and Finance)